Makey Makey

Jay Silver and Beau Silver, who are among the creators of the wonderful circuit Makey Makey, gave us a talk through Hangout this morning. They talked about the inspiration of Makey Makey, showed us some wonderful usages of Makey Makey, and also gave us some suggestions.

Sebastian Alvarado

Yesterday, Sebastian talked to us about the “educational” game he has been working on: THWACKE. It was a cell simulator about cancer. The game took place on a 2D plane under the microscope.

He also showed us a little cardmagic. He is really good at it!

Mike Marmarou (Apple)

Yesterday, Mike gave us a speech about working in the computer industry. He mainly talked about the basics, finding a passion,becoming an expert and new ideas. He also gave us some useful suggestions for high school students.

SPCS 2014

During this course, the thing that attracts me most is processing, or processing.js, more accurately. I learned Web programming as my first programming language, and have been annoyed by the difficulty of drawing on the screen for a long time. Though later I used javascript to move objects frame by frame, it is still difficult to perform complex drawing. Processing.js is a wonderful solution, although I haven’t learned java before, it is not too difficult to code processing. And its program lifecycle, especially the draw loop, is really simple to perform drawing and animations.

The lectures are mainly about algorithms, I knew some of them, and the other are still very challenging. Though after the first week, we no longer do the projects on the cookbook(……), it is still a great web programming book to read.

Thank you, Sherol, Peter, Julie, everybody in Computer Simulations, and everyone in KA!!

Bret Victor

Bret Victor introduced the Interactive way of programming, which is now used in Xcode 6 by Apple. It allows the user/programmer to preview the effects of the code as soon as you type in the code. It also allows changing constant values using a slider which makes those minor changes in the program more accurate and straightforward.

Thank you bret victor! This technology is really amazing!

Bouncing Balls 2

This is our final project. It is a highly-customizable particle system.

This apps simulates the collision between balls. The collision is made to be as real as possible. But we had a serious bug that is not resolved: the collision detection is not precise. The simulator actually moves the ball according to its speed every redraw, so it becomes tricky when balls overlap, and sometimes they even go over each other without overlapping! I will figure out a way to simulate displacement scientifically as the next step.

Thanks to everyone in the team!




This processing program simulates the Conway’s Game of Life. This program gives you the chance to change the world, and to change the rule of the world. You can also slow down to observe how it works, and you can even pause it and look at it frame by frame.


Play it(It seems that there is some lag in the browser):